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Home | Who are we? Why get home security? Our guarantee.. What is ADT security? How do I get ADT security? is an official affiliate provider of ADT home security (not a dealer but OFFICIAL ADT SECURITY AFFILIATE!!)- get a FREE rate quote now!

What that means to you.

  • Since we are an official affiliate we can get you the best prices on ADT residential security solutions because there is no middle man. We aren't a dealer making a percentage on top of ADT's prices or with no loyalty to his/her customer, we work directly for ADT. In fact, we have 2 Philadelphia / South Jersey area security professionals on staff to give you the personal care you need when deciding to protect your home with some of the best, most state of the art, and easiest to use security equipment available.

If you own a home, you should also own security and peace of mind...That's right, ADT home security is the best in the business.

Three huge myths about home security are that it is expensive, hard to take care, and only prevents robberies, not other threats to your home.  All three of these home security myths are false, here's why:

  • ADT residential security costs pennies a day, that's right, after a one time installation fee ADT security is literally one of the most reasonable ways to secure your home!
  • ADT home security is installed by professionals and has been designed with the best and most easy to use technology in the business, not only that, but in the small chance that there is a  problem with your ADT security system, support is always just a phone call away!
  • An ADT home alarm system may be touted as a great burglar alarm system, which it is, but this great feature overshadows some of the best reasons to get an ADT home alarm system: it also prevents deadly carbon monoxide from poisoning your home and let's not forget house fires, which are one of leading causes of home vandalism besides robberies, break-ins and the aforementioned carbon monoxide in the home!

So how do I get ADT home security, it sounds great ?

  • just fill out our quick and easy no obligation quote form here! specializes in home alarm system protection in the Delaware Valley, including Philadelphia, South Jersey, NJ, Springfield, Delaware and Bucks County areas such as Richboro, Ivyland, Hulmeville, Levittown, Bensalem and other areas. We provide low budget home security solutions as well as high end security surveillance. From just home protection to sophisticated residential camera alarm systems featuring the latest in surveillance technology and wireless technology. We also feature redundant home security backups featuring cellular backup technology in which even if lines are cut, your home alarm system will still thwart thieves from breaking in.

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